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e-Cubed Digital Curriculum Projects

Students need to be creators. In order to truly understand content, students will remember what they can teach someone else.  Project-based, inquiry-based, and challenged-based learning models have captured the need for students to be constructivist and have thoroughly documented success and guidelines that the teacher and students need to embrace these styles of learning.  The e-Cubed model of student digital curriculum projects is a baby step before embracing project-based, inquiry-based or challenged based learning.

e-Cubed (encourage, equip and empower) is a method of teaching students to be designers and creators of content within the standards-based curriculum. These are the five steps that will help a teacher embrace beginning student digital projects.

The digital coach from e-Cubed Creative will:

Step 1: Meet with the teacher prior to the project to plan a student digital project within the present curriculum. (This is the perfect extended learning activity for teachers and students.)

Step 2: Design all procedures, project expectations and student guides/maps for the digital curriculum project.

Step 3: Gather all technology equipment needed, set up a working and manageable system in the classroom, train the students on proper care and use of the equipment.

Step 4: Introduce the guidelines and expectations of the project and be a facilitator throughout the complete project along side the teacher.

Step 5: Complete and gather all projects through digital storage and publish all projects to a wider audience within district guidelines.  (Supply each student with a copy of their project.)

To customize a technology integration project, contact:

encourage, equip and empower students and teachers to create digital content

Karen C. Seddon

Instructional Coach

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