Organic IMPACT

A Pay It Forward Experience


What is Organic IMPACT?

Organic IMPACT is embedded professional development with student engagement woven into teacher leadership. With just eight teachers from a school, we can make an IMPACT on student and teacher learning by:

  1. refining existing instructional strategies with existing technologies.

  2. introducing new instructional strategies with existing and emerging FREE technologies within district AUPs.

  3. growing your school professional learning communities from within.

  4. providing in-class model lessons and      on-going support all year.

  1. The teachers in the cohort (original group of eight) agree to “Pay It Forward” to three other colleagues each. This includes sharing experiences, new strategies, inviting their three colleagues to observe model lessons and to encourage greater student engagement across the school.

Value added elements:

  1. BulletCustomized follow-up webinars (as many as needed)

  2. BulletPLC collaborative documentation

  3. BulletDigital project storage

  4. BulletSchool Livebinder for easy access to all resources

  5. BulletDedicated instructional coach available at anytime

  6. BulletPay It Forward for the students

Five components of Organic IMPACT coaching:

1. Professional development courses for teachers  (3 full days)

2. Visitations and observations in each classroom (2 days)

3. Mini-lessons and lesson planning with each teacher (8 days)

4. Model Lessons with each teacher (16 days)

  1. 5.School wide Digital Sharing Fair

(1 day)

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